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Want some great budget-friendly kitchen updates that can transform your home?

Montgomery County residents sometimes  come to us with a list of grievances about their current kitchen and what they want in their dream kitchen. Other times, they know their kitchen is outdated, but are unsure if and how they can update it within their budget. These six budget-friendly kitchen updates will help bring your kitchen up to date without breaking the bank!

Add a New Backsplash 

Whether you don’t have a backsplash or your current one is outdated, installing a new one can do wonders to transform the look of your kitchen without blowing your budget. Not only does a backsplash make your kitchen look complete, but it also protects the drywall behind your sink and cooking areas from everything from water to pasta sauce to greasy fingers. Go with white subway tile for a crisp, clean look, or add a splash of color with mosaic tiling. You’ll be surprised how this small update can make a huge difference in your kitchen!

Refresh Your Cabinetry

You don’t need to completely replace your cabinetry to update it. If your cabinetry is in good shape, but just looks outdated, you have a few options for updating it. One option is to paint your cabinetry and replace the knobs and handles. If you’re aiming to open up your kitchen, another option is to remove some of your cabinet doors and go with an open-shelving concept. We could also simply add doors with glass windows to create depth.

Replace Old Flooring

If you want to replace your linoleum or vinyl flooring, but don’t have room in your budget for hardwood, there are some affordable alternatives that will still refresh your kitchen and look great. Wood-like vinyl has greatly improved in appearance and has become a popular low-cost flooring option because it’s water resistant and low maintenance. They also make vinyl flooring that looks like stone or tile. Stained concrete is also a great option because it is easy to clean and difficult to damage. Vinyl tiling has also increased in popularity recently as more realistic options have hit the market. All of these hardwood alternatives will make your kitchen look updated without the price tag of hardwood.

Update Your Fixtures

Lighting can entirely change the appearance of a room. Not enough lighting can make a kitchen feel cramped and uninviting, whereas bright fluorescent lighting can make your kitchen seem cold and can showcase imperfections by bringing to light every scratch and bit of dust. We can help you find the right lighting to make your kitchen appear open and inviting.

Hide Outdated Appliances

If you have outdated appliances, replacing them all with new, stainless steel appliances can be very expensive. However, if your appliances are in good, working order, why replace them when you can hide them? We are masters of disguise when it comes to concealing the unsightly. We can add wood paneling to your appliances so that they blend in with your cabinetry. We can also build you custom storage with electrical outlets to keep things like your toaster, blender and microwave over out of sight and give you more counter space.This is an easy way to bring your kitchen into this decade without spending a fortune.

Change Up Your Walls

Of course, sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper to make your kitchen look like new!

We are happy to work with you and within your budget to transform the kitchen you have into the kitchen you want. View our inspiration gallery for ideas and contact us today to learn more about what we can do to bring your kitchen up to date!