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Bright, Airy Sun Rooms: Montgomery County’s Favorite Room Addition

While we’re best known for our kitchen and bathroom renovations, many of our customers come back to us when they want to add onto their home. An addition is often the most cost-effective way to add the space your family needs, and it can serve several purposes. We’ve built additions that give local families additional bedrooms, or to accommodate a dream kitchen, or to house a home based business, but there’s one type of addition that’s far and away the most popular: the sun room.

Bright airy sun room to bring the outdoors in.
Bright airy sun room to bring the outdoors in.

Sun rooms are a great way to enjoy outdoor living without actually having to go outdoors. This is great news on those harsh winter days when the snow just won’t stop falling, as well as those sweltering summer days when air conditioning is the best invention ever.  Sun rooms are multi-purpose spaces: families use them as informal dining areas, for entertaining, or to just hang out and enjoy being together.

Two factors to consider when planning your sun room addition are the view you’d like to have from within your new space, and what room to attach your sun room to. Many sun rooms are attached to living rooms and dining rooms, but they can also be built open into the kitchen or other spaces. There is a tremendous variety available when it comes to sun room additions: you don’t have to commit to going all-glass if you don’t want to. Our talented designers will work with you to create a space that gives you the maximum amount of natural light while keeping things comfortably private.

To see some of the sun rooms we’ve built, visit the Inspiration Gallery. And to get started on your own sun room addition come on in and see us. We’ll help you create the comfortable space your family deserves!