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Make it a three-season custom porch

Spring and fall (and even summer) can be unpredictable in Montgomery County. Kitchen and Bath Depot can create a three-season custom porch for you by adding windows, screens or removable acrylic panels that allow you to close up your porch to the elements so you can enjoy your porch even when it’s not ideal “porch sittin’” weather.

House with nice front porch, wooden double doors, wicker furniture,mexican tile paver floor
House with nice front porch, wooden double doors, wicker furniture,mexican tile paver floor

 Your outdoor living space should fit into your lifestyle and be a place you enjoy spending time. Take a look at our inspiration gallery to get ideas for your new porch and contact us any time to discuss your ideas.

The best way to ensure you get the most out of your new porch is to customize it to fit your lifestyle. More and more we get clients wanting their custom porch to be more than just an extension of their home, they want it to be a living space of its own. Here are some of the ways Montgomery County residents are creating outdoor living spaces they can actually live in. 

Light it up

“The porch light” doesn’t have to be just one light. If you want to be able to enjoy your porch after the sun has set, consider adding various light sources. Whether you want a bright light for reading or dim mood lighting for your dinner party, we can install ceiling lights with dimmers and fans, wall-mounted candlelight fixtures, and unique lanterns that allow you to customize the lighting based on your needs. 

Outdoor lighting

Bring indoor elements out

You’ll use your porch more when it actually feels like home. You can create a cozy oasis by adding some of the comforts you enjoy inside your home. We can build you a porch that is protected from the elements so you can keep a cozy couch or chaise lounge on your porch. You could also add a rug to up the cozy factor and hang curtains or install shades to create privacy and shade from the sun. We can also build you built-in storage to hide the clutter while keeping everything you want and need within reach.

Cook it outside

Outdoor kitchens have become increasingly popular over the past few years. People are enjoying more meals and doing more entertaining on their porches that it’s just easier to have a an outdoor kitchen. We can create your dream outdoor kitchen with running water, a grill and any other kitchen appliances you need. An outdoor kitchen keeps your home clean and doesn’t keep you holed up in your kitchen away from your guests during a party.

Add entertainment

If you plan on entertaining on your porch, consider installing an entertainment system with surround sound so you can broadcast the big game or just play some tunes during your barbecue. You could also add other forms of entertainment, such as a dart board or pool table, if you have the space. 

Bring the heat

There’s something about sitting around a fire that has a way of bringing people together. Adding a fireplace or fire pit to your new porch is a great way to add both light and heat. You and your guests can keep warm on a chilly autumn evening and the kids will love being able to make s’mores in their own backyard.

Our talented designers are happy to work with you to incorporate all the features that make up your dream patio! Contact us today to bring your outdoor living to life.