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Be a Better Chef With These Kitchen Features

Whether you’re prepping a quick breakfast for your family or throwing an entire dinner party, doing so without completely destroying your kitchen is half the battle. These fit-for-a-chef kitchen features may not make your food taste any better, but they’ll at least make you look like you know what you’re doing in the kitchen.

Double Ovens

It’s a common kitchen conundrum – you have two dishes that need to bake, both at different temperatures. Do you sacrifice perfection with one dish by cooking it at the wrong temperature, or do you wait and cook them separately, a very time-consuming task? With double, you’ll never have this problem again. Additionally, you can cook large quantities of goodies – such as your famous holiday cookies or cupcakes for the kids’ school – all at once.

Warming Drawer

Whether you’re waiting on the kids to get home from practice or waiting for guests to finish their first course, your food shouldn’t get cold. A warming drawer gives you more flexibility while prepping your meal because you don’t have to time everything perfectly. You can prepare everything ahead of time and keep it hot and fresh in the warming drawer.

Pot Filler

One of the most common things we hear people wishing they had installed in their kitchen is a pot filler, which is a great kitchen feature! While it may not seem like a bid deal to walk back and forth from your stovetop to your sink to fill up a pot, once you have it, you’ll never go back. Plus, you can fill multiple pots at once and even large puts that don’t fit in your sink, all from the convenience of your stovetop.

Wet Bar

Okay, so maybe a wet bar won’t make you a better chef, but it will keep guests from distracting you while you’re prepping a feast. A built-in wet bar provides a central area for guests to serve themselves beverages without taking up valuable space in your kitchen. A dry bar is also an option if you just want the extra storage and serving area, but a wet bar can have a sink and dishwasher. Other great features to have are a mini fridge and a wine cooler.

What have you always wished for in your kitchen? If you can’t quite envision your dream kitchen and new kitchen features yet, take a look at our inspiration gallery for ideas. Then give us a call to discuss how we can upgrade your kitchen to help make you a better chef.