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Three Non-Traditional Kitchen Island Designs

If you’re happy with your kitchen, but you’re thinking about adding an island, these kitchen island designs will make you the envy of all your friends!

Kitchen Island Designs
Kitchen Island designs by Kitchen & Bath Depot!

Open Shelving

Having an open island makes your kitchen feel a bit roomier and puts your most-used kitchen tools out in the open and easy to grab. Open islands are also very versatile. While an ornate all-wooden island can contribute to the country-rustic look of a kitchen, a wood and metal island can have more of a modern-industrial look.


Open Shevling
Open Shelving from Kitchen & Bath Depot!

Two-Tone Cabinetry

We love kitchen islands that are a different hue than the surrounding cabinetry. Trends our clients have been asking for this year include white surrounding cabinetry with black or grey islands, and white or grey surrounding cabinetry with a bright hue island, such as turquoise. Making your island a different tone can really help it stand out, or can make your kitchen appear larger depending on which design and colors you choose.

Wood Countertops
Wood Countertops by Kitchen & Bath Depot!

Wood Countertops

We love the look of having a different surface material for your island than the rest of your kitchen countertops. We especially have noticed a rise in people who have white marble countertops requesting a butcher block countertop for their island. The butcher block countertop makes your island your central meal prep station.

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