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How Kitchen Lighting Affects Your Vibe

The lighting in your kitchen is something you should give a good deal of thought to. Not only does lighting affect paint color and the way your kitchen is perceived, but it can also affect your mood. Continue reading to learn how kitchen lighting affects your kitchen’s vibe.

One common problem homeowners face is trying to make a small kitchen appear larger. They’ll play around with decor, move appliances and try a lighter paint shade, but what they’re really missing is good lighting. You may be surprised by how much larger your kitchen will feel when you add more natural light. If you have small windows, don’t fret, we can add additional windows or enlarge your existing windows to allow more sunlight into your home. If adding or enlarging windows is not an option, your next step is to utilize artificial lighting.

The location of the light plays a role in how cramped or spacious your kitchen feels. By placing kitchen lighting fixtures higher up on walls, you avert people’s gaze upward, which makes your kitchen seem more spacious. You can also add recessed lighting in your kitchen ceiling because it will brighten up and open up the room without taking up space.

Have you ever noticed you feel more upbeat and positive when it’s sunny, or you feel bogged down when it’s cloudy? Much research has shown that bright lighting can improve your mood. This is something you may want to consider when choosing lighting for your kitchen. A brightly lit kitchen during the day and family dinners can make everyone in the room a bit happier. Additionally, you may want to install a dimmer so you have the option to create a darker, more intimate vibe during certain occasions, such as a more formal dinner gathering.

Have other questions about what kind of kitchen lighting is right for you? Call us today to speak with one of our experts who can guide you through your lighting options and explain how they affect your kitchen’s vibe!