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Kitchen storage you wish you had is something that spawns many to desire a new kitchen all together. When dreaming up your new kitchen, it’s easy to get caught up in design details and forget about the functionality of your kitchen. However, it’s important to think about not only how you use your kitchen, but how you want to use your kitchen. If you’re going through the process of updating the visual aspects, you may as well take this time to improve the functionality and efficiency of it as well. You would hate to update the design of your kitchen and later wish you would have improved the layout and organization to make cooking, entertaining and cleanup even easier. Consider these creative kitchen storage solutions – you’ll be kicking yourself later if you don’t!

Corner Drawers

Finally, a practical solution to what to do with that pesky corner space! Drawers make the most of this space because corners are deeper than the other areas of your cabinetry, so corner drawers give you a place to store those extra long items.

Pullout Trash Cans

You shouldn’t air your dirty laundry in public, and the same goes with having your unsightly trash out in the open. Pullout trash cans hide your garbage while still keeping it easy to access. Additionally, there is likely enough room to have another can for recycling and even one for composting, so it’s easy for your whole family to go green.

Rolling Cabinet or Cart

A rolling cabinet or cart is a necessity in a small kitchen, especially if you don’t have a kitchen island. This extra surface serves a multitude of purposes. It provides an extra surface to dice veggies or cool cookies, or it can be rolled into the dining room to serve as a bar cart while entertaining.

Utensil Drawer

Nothing has solved the lifelong question about how to store utensils, in their odd shapes and sizes, quite like the utensil drawer. This handy drawer puts all of the tools you need at arms length and displayed so everything is easy to locate. You’ll never again crack an egg in a hot frying pan and rummage through a messy drawer in a hurry to find a spatula before your over-easy egg becomes over-hard.

Dish Drawer

Stacking your plates and bowls in an overhead cabinet may seem like no big deal, but once you have a dish drawer, you’ll never want to go back! Dish drawers typically have adjustable pegs to keep all of your fragile dishes snug. They are also easier for the whole family to reach, so kids have no excuse not to help set the table!

Pullout Shelves

Pullout shelves are a nice step up from dark, crowded cabinets. They provide easy access to pots and pans, without needing to pull out a flash light and stretch your arm into the dusty back corners of a cabinet. When everything is easy to see and access, your shelves will always be organized.

Custom Pantry

No one but you knows what goes on in your kitchen, so why go with a cookie-cutter pantry? Extensively customized pantries have become more common in kitchen remodels because people are realizing how much they actually need and use their pantry, or see the shortcomings of their existing pantry. Think beyond what you eat in your kitchen and more about what you do. Do you have any hobbies side jobs that you often find yourself doing in your kitchen? Or maybe your kids are always doing their homework at the kitchen counter. Your custom pantry can be built to perfectly store everything from food to craft and office supplies.

Which storage solution would be a lifesaver in your kitchen? We would love to help make your dream kitchen a reality. View or inspiration gallery for more ideas and contact us today to discuss your vision for your new kitchen!