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Top Countertop Choices for 2016 Kitchen Remodels

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, there’s a better than 9 in 10 chance that you’re seriously thinking about having new countertops installed. That’s not surprising: countertops have a profound impact on the appearance and functionality of any kitchen. Because they dominate visually, older countertops can absolutely date a room – one glance at the Formica can be enough to tell you that a kitchen hasn’t had any work done for decades! Additionally, wear and damage to countertops can stick out like a sore thumb: many of the homeowners who have us replace their countertops have experienced situations where their old countertop was scratched, stained, or otherwise distressed.

Gorgeous kitchen countertop on kitchen island.
Gorgeous kitchen countertop on kitchen island.

What’s the best choice for your new kitchen countertop? Granite, quartz and quartzite are top choices nationwide, as homeowners appreciate both the durability and the price point. The damage we talked about on older countertops? You just don’t see that on granite: when properly installed, granite countertops can stand up to hot pots without scorching and spilled wine without staining. Natural stone countertops are available in a surprising variety of colors, allowing you to achieve any design aesthetic you’d like in your kitchen, from sleek and modern to rustic country.

Another advantage of choosing stone countertops is the minimal maintenance involved. No harsh chemical abrasives are required – you can clean your granite or other natural stone countertop with simple soap and water. This makes it a great choice for families who choose a green lifestyle or who, for health reasons, are trying to minimize the amount of chemicals used in their daily cleaning routines.

To find out more about the different countertop options, including what would work best for your family, talk to our kitchen designers. With decades of experience helping Maryland’s homeowners create astonishingly beautiful spaces, they’re your go-to resource for choosing the very best cabinetry, countertops, fixtures, features and more. Schedule your free, no obligation consultation today!