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Pamper Yourself With These Spa-Inspired Bathroom Features

We’re not all lucky enough to be able to escape to the spa every weekend, but we can still feel pampered every day with these spa-inspired bathroom features.

Dressing Room Entryway

A luxurious dressing room serves as a buffer between your home and your spa retreat. Complete with cushy seating, a place for bathrobes and slippers, and some of your favorite relaxation items. Your dressing room isn’t just a closet, it’s a place for you to slip into something more comfortable, light a candle, turn on Norah Jones, flip through a magazine and forget about the stress of the day.

Spacious Shower

A cramped shower is just where you go to get clean – you’re in and out in a hurry. Spas are all about taking it slow and get a lot of their inspiration from nature. Bring some natural elements into your master bathroom with a spacious walk-in shower featuring a waterfall or rain shower head that will make you feel like you’re being showered by Mother Nature herself. Instead of jumping in and out of a cramped shower, your new spacious shower with a luxurious shower head and built-in seating is a place you can actually relax and will want to spend time in (and get clean while you’re at it!)

Large Soaking Tub

No spa would be complete without a jacuzzi. A large standalone tub gives you a contemporary spa look without taking up much space. For a more rustic or natural look, claw-foot tubs are always a favorite. Or, if you have more space and appreciate a keeping books and candles and other goodies within reach while soaking, a built-in tub is your best bet.

Fireplace & Heated Flooring

Nothing adds elegance while upping the cozy factor like a fireplace. It’s heats up your bathroom so you really feel like you’re at a spa, even in the middle of a freezing New England winter. It can even serve a dual purpose if you have us build the fireplace between your bathroom and bedroom so you have it in both rooms. In addition to the fireplace, adding heated floors to your master bathroom makes stepping out of your hot shower much easier.

Relaxing Lighting

Lights that can be dimmed and adjusted to your preference is crucial to feeling comfortable in your new spa-like bathroom. We can help you choose the best lighting to create a soothing ambiance so you can soak in your tub without being blinded by fluorescent lights.

Want more spa-inspired master bathroom ideas? View our inspiration gallery and contact us to discuss ideas for transforming your space!