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Creating a Kitchen For Summer Entertaining/The Inside-Out Kitchen Guide

We cannot say enough good things about our lovely New England summers and summer hasn’t even begun yet. Perhaps that’s why “inside-out” kitchens are so desirable in Montgomery County. We want to soak up every last bit of the the nice weather, and what easier way than by incorporating the outdoors into our everyday lives while cooking, dining and entertaining. The inside-out kitchen is for those who do not want to build an entirely separate outdoor kitchen, but rather make it easier for them to enjoy the outdoors from their existing kitchen. These are three essential features of an inside-out kitchen.

Large sliding windows or doors

Did you know you can make your indoor kitchen an outdoor kitchen without moving anything? By replacing your standard above-sink window with wall-length sliding windows, you can instantly open your kitchen up to the great outdoors. Another option is a multi-panel sliding glass door wall. This conjoins your kitchen and deck or patio and really opens up your kitchen and dining space.

Large Outdoor Dining Area

Without having a complete kitchen outdoors, you can still enjoy eating and entertaining on your deck or patio. A large outdoor dining table is essential for summer parties and can also be utilized for your everyday meals with your family.

Outdoor Serving Area

Unless you want a lot of foot traffic through your home while hosting a party, you’re going to want adequate room outside for serving up a meal. One of our favorite and most convenient patio or deck features is a large serving space. This gives you the convenience of kitchen space outside without the cost and planning associated with building a custom outdoor kitchen. Another convenient and versatile serving option is a rolling bar cart, which can be used to serve both sips and bites.

By incorporating these features into your kitchen setup, you can enjoy dining and entertaining outdoors with ease. View our Inspiration Gallery for more kitchen and patio ideas, and feel free to contact us to discuss how we can create your perfect inside-out kitchen!