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Make Your New Kitchen Look Even Better: Easy Thanksgiving Decorating Tips

Thanksgiving is almost here, and you know what that means: an ideal opportunity to show off your new kitchen to family, friends, and loved ones! Obviously, you want everything to look super – but this is also one of the busiest times of the year. We checked in with some home staging pros for simple ways to make your kitchen look fabulous fast. Here’s what they recommended:

Box & Banish Clutter

Your guests can’t see your glorious new countertops (link to countertops page)if they’re covered in stuff! Grab a box or basket and scoop up everything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen. Stow it in another, out-of-sight room and sort it all out after the holiday is over.

PRO TIP: Exercise some discretion while completing this step – losing the car keys or cell phone charger in a big box of stuff will just slow you down!

The Chalkboard Menu

Use colored chalk to create a pretty menu: display it on the fridge or a tabletop easel for all your guests to see. It’s a classy, elegant touch that gives the impression you’ve got this whole holiday meal situation completely under control.

Create Functional Zones

Some areas of your kitchen – think the spaces surrounding your sink and stove – need to be kept clear and open so you can make the culinary magic happen. Other areas are ideal for guests to congregate, chat and offer helpful advice. Add floral accents, scented candles, or other decorative elements in those areas: your guests will be drawn to them and it will keep them from getting in your way.

Ask For Help

That being said, you want your guests to see all the amazing features in your new kitchen. With a little strategic preparation, you can conveniently ask guests to grab the cinnamon from the spice cupboard or get you a spoon from the silverware drawer. That way they’ll get to check out your soft-closing drawers, pocket doors, and other neat amenities!