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Summer Home Organization for You and Your Kids

School is out for the summer and suddenly your home is turned upside down. With the kids home, running from activity to activity and bringing friends, dirt and things home with them, it’s hard to keep your house organized. These home renovations make sure your kids have a place for everything and have everything in their place.

 Create a play room.

If you’re having trouble keeping your kids out of your space, why not give them their own? Kids like having a space separate from their bedroom where they can hang out with siblings and play with friends. We would love to discuss creating a kid space in your home by either adding an addition or perhaps finishing a part of your basement. A great kid space has tons of built-in storage to make it easy for them to keep their toys and games hidden when they’re not using them, a durable surface for crafts and board games, as well as comfy seating when chilling out and watching a movie with friends.

 Give kids their own “junk” drawers.

I think we can all agree that kids aren’t good at keeping track of their belongings. Everything always seems to pile up in common areas. You can make it easier for your kids to stay organized by giving them their own space in the areas they spend the most time. By giving each kid his or her own bin or drawer in the kitchen or living room, you can neatly hide away all of this “stuff” they are constantly leaving around.

 Create a buffer between your home and the great outdoors.

When you have kids, it seems like your house is constantly accumulating things from the outside world, especially during the summer when kids spend the most time outside. If dirt, shoes and soccer balls are finding their way into your living room, finishing your garage or adding a mudroom to your house can help by creating a buffer between your home and the great outdoors. While many of us have garages, we don’t all have a complete storage system, so things tend to end up on the floor or crowding our vehicles, sometimes making it impossible to even park in the garage. By adding adequate storage to this “buffer” area, you give your kids a place to neatly store their shoes, bike helmets and basketballs so they don’t end up on the kitchen counter.

 Did you know we do more than kitchens and bathrooms? We would be happy to help you take your home back from the summer clutter by designing a kids room, transforming your basement, adding on a mudroom, or building storage into your garage. Contact us today to discuss your vision!